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Collection of data with minimal pressure loss in flowing wells

Technical Challenge:

Collection of data with minimal pressure loss in flowing wells

Peak Solution:

5 ½-in large bore gauge hanger and SIM running tool


National oil company, offshore Malaysia

Well Type:

5 ½-in oil producer (74 degree deviation, 250-330 deg F)

The Challenge:

A programmed platform was scheduled, providing an ideal opportunity to conduct valuable data acquisition operations. Six wells across the field were strategically selected for pressure transient analysis.


The campaign offered some difficult working conditions - logistically and operationally. The following key requirements and concerns were highlighted by the customer:

  • Pinpoint data acquisition
  • Flow through capability
  • Restricted rig up height
  • Heightened safety concerns with use of explosives and nitrogen
  • Temperature limits on two of the six wells
  • POB capacity


  • Six 5 ½-in large bore gauge hangers set on slickline at varying depths
  • Three gauges were connected to each gauge hanger
  • All gauge hangers successfully set for approximately four weeks duration
  • All gauge hangers successfully recovered on standard GS
  • All data recovered from gauges

Value to Customer:

  • Valuable data recovered for pressure transient analysis
  • Zero NPT
  • Zero harm to personnel
  • Significant cost savings

Product Code:340